Caring for others can be powerful, satisfying work. Millions throughout the world do it.

Yet the people who care for others, whether as a family member, volunteer, or professional caregiver, all face a unique hazard called compassion fatigue.

When suffering from compassion fatigue, you become less able to feel compassion not only for others, but for yourself. Your work gradually loses meaning. You wonder why you became a caregiver in the first place, or you resent the fact you are now in that position. You may even question your basic personal values.

When caregivers do not practice regular self-care, the 'cost of caring' can lead to deeply painful states of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual exhaustion.

Yet there is hope!

Whether you are an independent caregiver, or work professionally in an organization that specializes in health care, education, social work, pastoral care, or emergency services, increased awareness about compassion fatigue is key to re-claiming your optimal health.

Compassion Fatigue Toronto develops and delivers customized workshops to promote awareness of the natural consequences of caring deeply for others. Learn key concepts, identify warning signs, and assess your self-care and self-compassion during small group interactive and experiential sessions. 

You deserve to live in healthy balance, with vitality and passion! Why not begin your healing journey today? 

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